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Saturday, October 22, 2011

SNSD Sooyoung got injured in car accident

Our pure goddess was injured in a car accident 28th August 2011. SM Entertainment said that "Sooyoung is suffering from a sacrovertebral fracture from the car accident, but thankfully, the injury is nothing serious.”
“The doctor in charge gave a positive prognosis and said that with plenty of rest and treatment, she will be fully recovered in no time. Sooyoung will be unable to participate in upcoming planned schedules.”
The injury was luckily not as serious as they think it is, she was not able to perform for SM TOWN TAIWAN LIVE as she had to recover and undergo treatment.

here is a video she made for her fans which actually supported her and she wanted to appologised to the fans as she could not perform for the SM TOWN TAIWAN CONCERT.


hmm for the eng subs, watch below....
she made the video to thank her fans, SONES for supporting her eventhough she could not perform.

she told SONES that she is okay.
*bonus pic for sooyoungsters. she took that pic when she made the video :)

hope this article is usefull. you can use the sources but do not plagarism.....ok?
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  1. She was still sweet to her fans, huh? I know these girls have a lot of talent! Good thing she wasn't seriously injured in the car accident. Is she performing now together with the other girls?

    Alecia Longsworth